Once you’ve installed and checked all the safety and security features of your home, make sure to have routine maintenance checks to ensure everything remains in good working order. Check your locks for wear and degradation, and check your locking bars on the garage to make sure they are still functioning properly. Make sure all of your windows and your garage door are intact, if not, immediately contact Door Depot of SW Florida Inc to replace broken or damaged hardware. If your home has hurricane shutters be sure to test them before each hurricane season to make sure they close and latch properly. Replace any hardware on them that fails to work or shows significant wear.

Replacing smoke alarms

Make sure you are regularly testing and replacing your smoke alarms. Fires, and fire damage can be quite dangerous, not just to your home and your possessions, but also to your life.

Keeping your landscaping neat and tidy is also an important part of the routine maintenance that will help protect your home and your belongings. Keep shrubbery well trimmed and away from windows to prevent the creation of locations to hide. Routinely check for overgrown trees and shrubs that could cause damage to your house or its electrical service.

keeping your landscape neatly

Finally be sure to keep your house in overall good repair. A home that is well taken care of and which looks well maintained is less likely to be a target for a break in because it is assumed that the owners are aware and watchful.